About Parse Informatics Institute

Parse Informatics Institute was established by Dr. Mostafa Moradian and Dr. Kambiz Keshvari in 1988 with the aim of improving the scientific and qualitative level of computer and laptop hardware repairs in Iran.

In order to achieve this goal, this institute has prepared the necessary hardware platforms and modern equipment and installed them in the center workshops, and has attracted suitable and educated academic staff, who are considered the best repairmen in Iran and has been conducting research in order to obtain a new solution for electronic equipment repairs and has transferred the achievements to the applicants.


Qualitative and quantitative monitoring and control over the activities of branches, increasing branches in the country, informing the public and using new information and communication technology tools are the most important missions of this institute.

ـــــ Vision

We attempt to develop our services qualitatively and quantitively, in line with the general vision, in order to provide a suitable and reliable platform for specialized equipment, testing and repairing laptops, providing repair and data recovery services and specialized training in hardware repairs at highest quality level in the country.
Mehrab Poornazir, PhD
Mostafa Moradian, PhD
Kambiz Keshvari, PhD

ـــــLicenses and approvals of Parse

Parse Informatics Institute is proud to have obtained various representations and approvals in the field of hardware.
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گواهینامه ایزایران گواهی تاسیس گواهینامه costromic گواهینامه soamark zm

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